FANDOM youtube Beaglebone: Video Capture and Image Processing on Embedded Linux using OpenCV uses of linux as it contains all the video drivers needed. Uses c code and opencv namespace oop class interface. embedded linux.

  • , apt-get install libv4l-dev v4l-utils ,
  • v4l-tcl --set-ctrl=brightness=128 sets the brightness of camera. , v4l-tcl --all , --list-formats lists the webcams formats mpe2/4 etc.
  • ,
  • 'v4l-tcl --set-fmt-video=width=1920,height=1080,pixelformat=1. type v4l-tcl --all to see the changed settings.
  • more build command lists the build script. copy the gcc of capture.c and compile at terminal. after compiling with gcc run: ./capture -F -c 600 -o > output.raw
  • more raw2mpeg4 is a script: ffmpeg - h264 -i output.raw -vcodec copy output.mp4
  • pkg-config --cflags -> /usr/include/opencv
  • pkg-config --libs opencv , lists all lib dependency
  • 17 min, copy output.mp4 file from beagle bone to desktop: $ftp root@ , type in ftp box commands lcd Desktop, cd boneCV, get output.mp4
  • grabber.c takes single photos from V4L2 example files. uncompressed .ppm format is needed to run license recognition algorithm as jpeg introduces distortions into the image. min23 proper way to run bonecv.cpp file

In this video I look at how you can get started with video capture and image processing on the Beaglebone. It is an introductory video that should give people who are new to this topic a starting point to work from. I look at three different distinct challenges: - How do you capture video from a USB webcam under Linux - How do you capture image frames from a USB webcam under Linux - How do you use OpenCV to capture and image process frames so that you can build computer vision applications under Linux on the Beaglebone.

c920 webcam, outputs mpeg4

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