Decentralised networks Edit

Data convergence is a process where CctvCameras, games, VOIP, Internet, TelevisionOverInternet, radio streaming all converge by using the IP protocol. While playing games on your PC , you will be making a VOIP call via a SaVoipProvider to any landline or cell number in South-Africa. At the same time CctvCameras will stream a video image of the street infront of your house to your PC. And finally you will listen to the radio through you PC speakers using the IP protocol and reading the latest news on By using DecentralisedNetworks providing 46megs bandwidth to each home this convergence magic will become a reality to ordinary South Africans. There are powerful forces in South-Africa that are trying their best to prevent this convergence process from happening outside a centralised channel like Telkom. More on this at LegalPerspective. is an example of this convergence process.

A decentralised network are various fixed wired networks consisting of TelephonePoles, CableFlex, DsLam, FiberAndCopper, MeshNetworking and CableJettingAndPipes all combined forming a wide area LAN to allow anybody on such a network to stream any data, voice or video to anybody else for free via the IP protocol. The network is collectivly funded and no one person controls it. Everybody works together by allowing fixed wires across their property and not charging for this but benefitting from it collectivly. For example if you go away on holiday rent 4 cameras and a ZoneMinder box. Place the cameras around the perimeter.

Holiday Inn uses Dslams Edit

Holiday Inn uses DsLam to stream video on demand to their hotel rooms.

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