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Flir cam on drone Edit Used by SA security company. Note that they state that it is in conjunction with the SAPS. They might as well have said it is in conjunction with water affairs, ANC youth, or the ministry for cloud-coo-coo-land. A drone is a model aircraft, model RC aircraft cannot be used in residential areas as the CAA has not given such permission to anybody and this includes the SAPS. The whole "in conjunction with SAPS" is a red herring, it basically means that the security company is using the "reasonable man" principle: they have reasonably assumed that the CAA won't force the issue with the National prosecuting authority. Any person who thus uses drones reasonably to prevent crime won't be hammered by the CAA. Fly a drone into Oliver Tambo and a jail sentence is almost guaranteed. South-Africa has the best legal and constitutional framework in the world , allowing for reasonable behavior.

Solution for Afghanistan Edit

Crime and Bandwidth solution. Use the vast network of ANC connected people who are above the law to mount illegal WiMax hotspots on power poles on the 600Mhz band. Cellphone and telecoms companies are merely legal firms with antennas on their roof engaging in a scam. The cost,power consumption and miniaturisation of FpGa(implementing WiMax, SeaSolve cores) devices makes it possible to sprinkle 4G devices with small patch PV cells on roof-tops, gardens etc, via Uav robotics without the owners being aware of it. This enables those who participate in creating UnlimitedBandwidth to claim Plausible deniability because Youtube videos will be uploaded showing how these WiMax modules are installed on shopping malls, petrol stations etc with Quad frames. Single chip RF transceivers tune-able from 300Mhz - 3.6Ghz interfaces with the WiMax IP cores for a complete software-defined data radio solution. The SDR are interlinked via Antenna tracking with FreeSpaceOptics and layer-3 switches, preventing spectrum pollution. South-Africa's constitutional protections restricts Icasa's powers.

Pilots are treating SA airspace as their personal fiefdom,they must stay above 2km, because down here on earth South-Africa's citizens need to deal with crime using Uav robotics. The government can't officially give permission or sidestep the CAA because if a boeing goes down with 200 people , Sanlam and the other insurance companies will send the bill to the minister of finance. In other words some scheme must be devised for the South-African government to claim Plausible deniability.

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Request that the US station troops in South-Africa, with their own base operating the Gorgon stare system - - which tracks all objects from birds, cars to people and thus stopping crime. The US will probably not sell such technology. Crime and Bandwidth solution Crime and Bandwidth solution. Use the vast network of ANC connected people who are above the law to mount illegal WiMax hotspots on municipal poles on the 600Mhz band. Payment to them is done via the commodity Torrent#Bitcoins and setting up a SIRA fronting company. Anonymous bitcoin payment (bitmessage) must use web of trust to send entire wallet so that it is not recorded in the blockchain. A coin mixing service is doubtful because we don't know if the CIA runs it. on tablets over Tor also works.

Bitcoins are a crypto-commodity and not a currency. Commodities prices are effectively set by centralized exchanges. A currency is a letter of credit backed by a sovereign nation state's ability to enforce its will. Vanadium, opium, lead, gold, Bitcoins and copper are not currencies , nor "virtual currencies", they are commodities and virtual commodities. "how-bitcoin-can-bring-down-the-united-states-of-america", which is like saying how gold, titanium or lead could bring down the US. The continual referral to Bitcoin as a "virtual currency" , instead of a "commodity" or "crypto-commodity" ( is the same type of semantic error holders Redhat and Richard Stallmann engages in when they refer to their copyrighted GPL proprietorship over ideas as "freedom" - GPL and BSD. Using the bitcoin commodity as a means of transacting is viable if a robust $/bitcoin futures exchange with tight spreads gains traction. A person would purchase bitcoins but then immediately short the bitcoin/$ contract. If the transaction cost in settling expenses,invoices with bitcoins + proportional hedging futures trade is lower than banking fees, then bitcoins will reach its true potential of paying for goods and services, arbitraging banking fees. BTC/USD exchange rate is locked down to its dollar value with or any other suitable futures shorting service that does not charge excessive fees. Depositing $20 worth of bitcoins means shorting the BTC/USD commodity with 1:1 leverage thus locking down or hedging your exposure to the commodity to $20 into perpetuity. If you have possession of physical gold , then instead of selling the gold, short a GOLD/USD futures contract for the same value, locking in the spot gold price. Whether it rises of falls, the net exposure remains the same.

Setup our own fronting company to install 2.5Ghz WiMax devices at home,they certify everything as 2.4ghz, provide a certificate etc.... so that if Icasa does pitch up with its spectrum scanner you can Plausibly deny having anything to do with it. Existing 2.4ghz antennas can transmit in the 2.5ghz band.

Single chip RF transceivers tune-able from 300Mhz - 3.6Ghz interfaces with the WiMax IP cores for a complete software-defined data radio solution. The SDR are interlinked via Antenna tracking with FreeSpaceOptics and layer-3 switches, preventing spectrum pollution. South-Africa's constitutional protections restricts Icasa's powers. The SDR FpGa stage is separated from from the RfTransceiver stage. Thousands of FpGa boards with the Viterbi, Reed-Solomon, FFT Wimax code can be distributed legally, and the small illegal RfTransceiver distributed using a network of ANC youth league members being BEE empowered with Torrent#Bitcoins. A complete 4G 300Meg radio is created by plugging in the RfTransceiver board into the FpGa board. Since their mass produced costs are so low , it will be replaced as Icasa and Vodacom confiscates them from power poles. Icasa and Vodacom have a few 'trokkies' driving around sniffing out RF signals. Cheap FpGa technology and our constitution short-circuits their powers - Legal perspective. Google bought patents on fiber optic cable technology because the patents make it impossible to produce cheap cables. In South-Africa we setup our own production facility using a BEE fronting company , hacking the hundreds of patents and not paying a cent to the patent extortion racket, this will reduce the price of the cables considerably because it is the royalties to the patent holders driving up the costs.

A single Wibro 802.16e mobile base station services hundreds of residences, it is wifi on steroids. Since the cost per user CPE is so low , they will continually be replaced by the family members of Mandela, Zuma etc and paid well with bitcoins. WiMax base stations production costs are no more than CPE equipment, Qualcoms patents scales the price up by 100x, thus a fronting company will produce them violating the patents. Both the basestation and CPE are divided into a FpGa and Rf Transceiver stage. The rf stage is plugged into the FpGa motherboard and can use any frequency from 300Mhz-21Ghz, this is the only part that Icasa can target, they can't ban Fpga's. It is installed using pole climbing robots, FlyingWimaxTowers and Quad frames installing it on roofs without the resident knowing about it. This allows participating persons to claim Plausible deniability. One could even be so brazenly mocking about it by phoning Icasa and informing them that one of Mandela's children installed it without Vodacom's permission. When they arrive to come and confiscate it a welcoming band complete with pom-pom girls will welcome them . After they leave Pres. Zuma's grandchild will put back another one, because the hacked patent infringed base station will be so cheap.

“...Ons vlerkies is geknip wat betref wireless..... ” 18 Feb 2004 , Andries Matthysen , Icasa and “....People are to afraid to question authority, which is good for my business model....” Sept 2004 David Jarvis, CEO of


The cellphone companies have bribed Icasa to not approve WiMax devices on the license free band 2.4ghz. Because 2.4ghz is license free the NPA will not prosecute any person, no matter what he does on 2.4 or pollutes it. Thus we can legally use WiMax on 2.4 because no court will ever rule on the issue: only the court can declare something illegal, not Icasa and only the NPA can prosecute, neither the SAPS,courts,ANC or Icasa - Legal perspective. South Africa and Somalia are the only two countries in the world where WiMax can be used on 2.4ghz as per Crime and Bandwidth solution.

It is against the business interests of the Naspers problem for South-African's to establish decentralized last mile networks. They are investing millions of rands in the creation of e-commerce solutions that will use vast amounts of server side bandwidth. Community networks caches hundreds of television, DSTV and audio stream, rebroadcasting it over the local network - Naspers does not want this to happen. Note that copying , hacking ideas is not immoral or unethical - Patents. Chevron prevents NiMH BatteryTech, but does not have the power to place people in jail in South-Africa for hacking their patent.

Icasa's powers are limited Edit

ECA criminal prosecution in terms of ECA on jamming devices confiscated. What the WBS episode proved is that Icasa targets the hosting sites, instead of getting a court order to take down an individual highsite. It is futile to target physical radio equipment because it does not bring down the entire network. Thus we can setup our own community wimax network and use a service provider that can deniably claim that they are routing the community network into the Internet by the usage of bitcoins, scheming etc.

WBS South-Africa's equipment was confiscated with a court order obtained by Icasa April 2013. The company promptly replaced their networking gear the very next day. Icasa requested the SAPS to arrest the director of WBS which was given the horses laugh by the SAPS because the isn't going to prosecute anybody for using the 21Ghz and other licensed/license free spectrum(excluding the SABC Mhz , anything below 1Ghz). There is not a single criminal conviction for using spectrum above 1Ghz in contravention of an Icasa dictat: thus there is no law which forbids spectrum usage for any purpose and any power output above 1Ghz.

The court granted Icasa a confiscation order in order to pursue criminal charges against WBS and the confiscated equipment would be used as evidence. But because South-Africa has the best constitution in the world Icasa cannot prosecute WBS like the FCC in the USA are able to do. Radio Pretoria is using radio spectrum in defiance of Icasa's' interpretation of the law: only the courts can lay down the law. RP is willing to take the case all the way to the constitutional court. We should also in defiance of Icasa's interpretations setup wimax on all spectrum above 1.5ghz. Icasa's raids should be seen in the same light as if the Department of Nature conservation obtains a court order in terms of the Alien invasive species act 'raiding' a commercial farmer, dramatically wresting an alien species from the soil and holding it up and.... expecting the SAPS to arrest the farmer.

Herrmann, the Icasa manager at Bloemfontein legal division was extremely helpful in explaining to me that Icasa's biggest problem is that the constitution forbids them from obtaining a court order to pounce on say 20 adjacent residences in a street to confiscate equipment: our constitution only allows a single residence or legal entity to be targeted in small radius. This loophole allows Dapper muis license license holders to team up with WBS by allowing WBS to install their switches and routers spread over 50 houses, all connected with fiber. Of course a small fee can be negotiated for this. WBS equipment was confiscated in the MTN data center. Thus any cluster of residences close to the main fiber backbones could establish their own type of MTN data center. This action by Icasa demonstrates Church's thesis and the law of unintended consequences: because Icasa does not have North Korean type powers , there will always be a way to re-establish the banned behavior. The of course is what MTN, Vodacom and telecoms attorneys like fears because it results in the decentralization of Unlimited bandwidth, leaving MTN stuck with paying "licensing fees" while WBS won't. DMCA take-down notices are archived at with the unintended consequence that is one of the top referenced websites(!). It contains references to over 700,000 university text books on all academic disciplines. Typing - - into the google search engine brings up 3650 DMCA take-down notices for specific links on See Ligen dot info for more on this. Type " mechanics libgen " into Google for 649 specific links on anything to do with mechanics and where to download the books. With and python script automated downloading of all the books that the copyright holders don't want the world to know about is accomplished , a vivid example of unintended consequences. Note that Tor is ultimately not anonymous to large resourced ISPs and governments, only I2P Darknet provides such.

Icasa was able to target six premises on the same day in order to confiscate WBS equipment. The purpose of the confiscation orders was to present evidence to the SAPS who was supposed to arrest WBS and formulate a docket to enable the NPA to decide on criminal prosecution. Because the NPA has already decided not to prosecute - not now not ever - WBS obtained a court order forcing Icasa to return the equipment. Icasa of course is well aware of all this and is using their confiscation powers as a weapon to extort fees out of telecoms companies, with detrimental consequences to centralized data switching hosting providers such as Vodacom, MTN, IS etc. WBS as a subsidiary of Vodacom is a commercial enterprise that must market themselves and as such Icasa knew exactly where to confiscate their routers and switches at the hosting exchange.

With a community exchange using indirection , bitcoins and multiple fronting ECN license holders, Icasa won't be able to link a specific switch to the community network. or WUGS can't install WiMax on their main high-site towers or allow Internet services, it is to centralized allowing easy harassment by Icasa. The solution is decentralization with cheap Led based FreeSpaceOptics and MeshNetworking to allow the convergence of CCTV and Internet services on the same network. This symbiosis (Internet,CCTV) enables large companies to contribute funds and take WUGS beyond a hobby novelty. Note that Icasa's interpretation of legislation is that only certain actors may provide Internet services but that this isn't the law because only the courts decide what the law says who for example ruled against Icasa's objection on VANS(now ECNS). In any case it was a commercial/civil ruling, using legal equipment and spectrum(2.4,5.8Ghz) will never be allowed to become a criminal matter because the NPA will not prosecute it as such, which is something that wouldn't want South-Africans to understand. In the absence of any court rulings on legislation all legal opinions are only that: opinions., Cliff-Decker attorneys, Icasa, DOC , ANC, Vodacom intone on what the law says: the criminal and/or civil law according to which court ruling?

The agenda of telecoms attorneys and their departments providing legal services to ECN license holders is to prevent the decentralization of high bandwidth telecoms services across separate but closely geographically linked legal entities such as residences because they cannot be easily targeted to pay for licensing fees etc. and would therefore undermine the whole compliance with nonsense laws. When discussing any issue with them always insist on the precedent setting court cases they are referring to. In most cases they are merely giving their opinion on legislation, not actual law establishing court cases on RICA, ECA, Telecoms Act.96, PAIA , Fire arms control act etc.

Use own security company and Bitcoins Edit

Probably the best solution is to setup a fronting SIRA registered security company and pay the guard with Torrent#Bitcoins. IF the guard crashes the uav and somebody is hurt, then it is his problem. By using bitcoins not even the payment will be trace-able to the property owner.

We need a community off the Internet, Wi-fi or freespace optics network to view the video feed.

Supply will meet demand. Scatter multiple upload nodes throughout the ground based community MeshNetworking to receive the UAV downlink. Using Tor the source of the servers relaying the image to the end user can't be traced. Have the planes constructed by one user, IMU purchased by another so that no one person would be able to identify a UAV operator. All purchases of IMU modules from Diydrones_arducopter, Gentlenav. Openpilot are traced and investigated by the Intelligence agencies: they will be able to track you down. Hence once they have tracked the UAV importer down in South-Africa, he must have some way of engineering Plausible deniability so that the end-user who bought the module from him(cash?) can't be traced, someway where the importer does not know who bought the module.

Gentlenav is the best IMU open source control system at present. It can even stabilize a rocket, preventing it from spinning on its axis. Fit OpenTLD in the nose of a hobby rocket engine and shoot down a target. Because the rocket does not spin, the camera footage is stable enough for OpenTLD to lock unto its target. In other words if a target does go down with a either a fixed wing UAV or rocket "collision", it would not be an accident but an act of terror, since those skilled enough to build Gentlenav UAVs are also able to stay well clear of large targets flying pre-determined routes.

Gentlenav can also stabilize a bomb dropped from the uav, fit a CctvCameras in the nose for daytime operations and lock unto ground target in Afghanistan using OpenTLD. For Nighttime Flir pathfinder ThermalImagingCameras are used. Thus thousands of cheap open source UAVs can be deployed in Afghanistan, making not just the US Air force redundant but also the Marines. Control over Sadr city( was only obtained when enough Uav roboticss were deployed. In South-Africa thousands of Uav roboticss silently(electric) patrolling the night-sky with flashing leds(and stealth drones without leds) , making up a giant circular firefly display will also solve the "insurgency" problem. The leds serve as a visual warning dissuading criminal acts. 90km/h electric drones tracks a fleeing car, with the next loitering drone locking on to the target.

Each drone relays his flight path and GPS coordinates to a central base, so that collision avoidance between the drones is enabled. The crime problem has been solved with Gentlenav and Uav robotics at a technical level.

  • Security services will first take a look at registered RC pilots at RC clubs. Don't be stupid by flying a drone in controlled airspace if you actively involved in RC model building. If there is any incident CAA will know where to start looking.

A few thousand UavAirframes#3m_Aerosonde_type_frame fitted with cheap $350 IMU from RateGyro#China_solutions and un-cooled ThermalImagingCameras streaming images over a 400Mhz WiMax link, patrolling the major Afghanistan routes will prevent IED attacks. Link Afghanistan to the Internet with an undersea fiber cable. Allow thousands of civilians and military personal from the USA, Germany, Holland etc. with security clearance to watch live drone video feeds as per on a paid or unpaid basis. There will be millions of patriotic Americans that will volunteer their time to do this for free. The reason it will never happen is because the USAF don't want to be made redundant. Billions of dollars are being spent on Afghanistan , the money should be spent to establish a WiMax broadband network. India will deploy 15 air balloons at 60km above earth , powered with solar cells and batteries with a 50kg payload that will scan the entire Indian sub-continent for border incursions. Same can take place in Afghanistan.

Drugs and criminals cross the US-Mexican border something which can easily be stopped by emulating the Indian balloon deployment idea and UAV deployment(MannedSystems) on the Mexican border. The Democrats don't want to allow this because the illegals naturalize and vote for them. describes how network centric warfare in Afghanistan isn't really working. The problem is that the USAF isn't allowing a local Afghanistan broadband and UAV data network, forcing UAV links to be streamed over bandwidth starved satellite links. The concern is that CCTV don't work, while the real problem is that Vodacom isn't allowing an broadband data network so that more people than just the CCTV operator can watch the streams and automated pattern recognition be done on it as per ImageProcessing. The NaspersProblem and Vodacom tells us that the ANC government are to inept to stop crime, the real reason is that Vodacom, SecurityCompanyScams and Naspers isn't allowing the ANC to make the fiber network available for free to all.

The system, made up of nine video cameras mounted on a remotely piloted aircraft, can transmit live images to soldiers on the ground or to analysts tracking enemy movements. It can send up to 65 different images to different users; by contrast, Air Force drones today shoot video from a single camera over a "soda straw" area the size of a building or two. ad_icon

With the new tool, analysts will no longer have to guess where to point the camera, said Maj. Gen. James O. Poss, the Air Force's assistant deputy chief of staff for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. "Gorgon Stare will be looking at a whole city, so there will be no way for the adversary to know what we're looking at, and we can see everything."

Data network schemes in South Africa Edit

Use a wheeled pole climbing robot to place a FpGa based 370Mhz WiMax base station or FSO node on street lights. Use a RcServos Parker Daedal linear servo on the pole to align the antenna or FSO optics. Power is provided with small solar panels. We factor in the cost of confiscation of these devices by the Vodacom/Icasa alliance and keep on replacing them. This is the same type of idea as described under FlyingWimaxTowers. The linear servo is attached to the robot, returning to the street and removed by the operator to place another WiMax device elsewhere. All that remains on the pole is the aligned antenna(or optics), FpGa processing logic(Flash OFDM, Wimax etc) , RfTransceiver and solar panel.

All sorts of scheming, will have to be devised to achieve UnlimitedBandwidth. This section will discuss a few ways of innovating to get bandwidth and making South-Africa crime free. We can get away with these schemes due to our constitutional protections.

FNB, PSG, Sanlam , Johan Rupert and all the others with direct and indirect stakes in their, money making scams MTN and Vodacom are confusing the issues. FNB especially had a fall-out with the Mbeki administration over crime, they simply don't understand the reason why we have crime: No UnlimitedBandwidth, OpenTLD.

To solve the crime problem you need UnlimitedBandwidth WiMax bandwidth for a last mile solution and 50km solution covering the entire Gauteng. But this means that everybody will become their own broadcasting station which is what Vodacom, MTN, Naspers don't want.

The solution to this problem is to deploy hacked illegal Wimax from 300Mhz to 2.0ghz, but to do this you can't give everybody a CPE modem - Icasa will easily crack down on us. You need the DsLam,FreeSpaceOptics to connect blocks of say 80houses so that we can easily protect the Wimax transmitter say just run away with it and put it back when Icasa leaves. The 80houses in turn share their bandwidth via mesh networking. So for example the 40000 houses in PTA will be divided into 400 DSLAM/WIMAX - NetworkCentricWarfare blocks who in turn will share data via MeshNetworking to the surrounding houses.

Surround this block of 80 houses with cameras to intercept a Vodacom/Icasa seek and destroy mission. It will buy enough time to remove the wimax transmitters. Use removable towers to place the Wimax basestation at another one of these 80 homes. South-Africa's constitution doesn't allow baas Vodacom to launch a Swat type military raid on all 80 of these houses at the same time. This is the main impediment to Vodacom's confiscation powers explained to me over the phone by manager Hermann from Icasa Bloemfontein devision. , Vodacom will have to get a court order for each successive day in sequence as the tower is moved from house to house , making a mockery of our banana legal system, depending on how you look at it. The length of the tower depends on the frequency being used, a 700Mhz WiMax base station would be much shorter than an illegal 1Ghz base station. 1Ghz is used for missiles in the northern hemisphere. Use a winch and pully system to rapidly pull down the base station when the Vodacom A-team arrives, then place the gear at another random house when they leave for which Vodacom would have to get another court order.

Or even better would be to embed a flamable gel inside the WiMax box and simply burn out the whole box when baas Vodacom arrives. Since the protocols will be hacked software patents from Qualcom(who extorts money out of Nokia), the only cost would be the FpGa chips and PCB. We will finance the replacement of the equipment out of the community subscription fees to the Internet.

We could even make fun of Vodacom by having pom-pom girls and a band welcome them as they arrive with their court order each week and upload the whole farce to Youtube. It would be interesting to see how the courts react to the gaming of the SA constitution. Vodacom, Icasa must obtain the physical device to have a case, even though everybody would know that from a specific house WiMax was used on 650Mhz , it would not constitute actual proof.

There was a case recently where a person blasted the license free 477Mhz spectrum resulting in garage doors opening by themselves etc. with a high powered amplifier. The person could not be criminally prosecuted because it was a license free spectrum. ".. The Economist cited the telephone industry in anarchic Somalia as "a vivid illustration of the way in which governments…can often be more of a hindrance than a help..."

Establish poles with paintball guns or paintball machine guns at the road entrances and exits. As assailants flees with a vehicle, their window is blasted with paintball.

  • Clamp paintball guns to the street lamps. A get-away vehicle is designated and tracked using RoboTics object tracking and image recognition software. Like in Afghanistan an overhead QuadroCopter provides real-time feedback so that the correct vehicle is designated. Use the FpGa implemented ObjectTrackingUav to track the fleeing car and blast its windows with paintball. See this as the grown-up version of Cowboys and Indians adapted to South-Africa's unique circumstances.
  • Use a manually controlled RC T-Rex electric helicopter fitted with paintball gun in a MannedSystems combination.
  • Three golf carts fitted with paintball guns blocks the exit of a road.

Icasa uses private security guards to execute an equipment confiscation. Setup a mini-fortress with a powerful water canon to prevent confiscation of a tower.

Zuma data solutions Edit

The family of Zuma are basically above the law. Setup a WiMax system on 700Mhz and have the wife of Zuma take responsibility. As Vodacom confiscates the towers we replace it out of the subscription fees paid to Zuma's sons, daughters etc.

Bandwidth and crime solution Edit

This wiki describes how UnmannedAerialVehicles, DsLam,FreeSpaceOptics, WiMax and MeshNetworking enables NetworkCentricWarfare and DecentralisedNetworks for the creation of UnlimitedBandwidth. The ChristianPerspective and LegalPerspective explains how the protects us against irrational laws which are trying to hinder UnlimitedBandwidth. Deploy hundreds of UnmannedAerialVehicles over Gauteng using commercial or opensource IMU UAV navigation systems available as per RateGyro and RateGyro2. See and for video. Combine this with a Flir Pathfinder ThermalImagingCameras($3000) and the crime problem is solved. The NaspersProblem and Vodacom don't want this to happen because the UAVs in addition to streaming Mpeg4Compression will create an Internet and communications network. FiberWireIntrusionMesh prevents intruders scaling fences.

The UnmannedAerialVehicles#UAV.27s_are_the_solution_SA_crime_problem Aerovironment UAV can glue together ground based WiMax and FreeSpaceOptics systems, providing an alternative to satellites or 3G phone towers. At 20km,running on hydrogen, the craft orbits for 5days non-stop over countryside and cities, far above weather and air traffic, offering up to 50 Mbit/sec two-way connections to ground stations whose antennae could be "as small as two inches". A single drone in flight covers an urban area 50 miles in diameter or a rural one five times as wide. AT&T, Verizon and the senators they bribe will via the FAA they control probably not allow Aerovironment to make them redundant. In South-Africa we could probably only do this if the and CAA turns a blind eye, it depends on the ANC really. Trevor Manual would support such an idea , those with stakes in Vodacom would oppose it.

The FAA prevents mass MannedSystems UAV deployment, because the UAV's would be used as flying 4G WiMax towers. Vodacom also is forbidding all UAV flights in the UK. Vodacom isn't concerned about the danger of UAV and manned aircraft collision but about the potential for UAV's to be used as flying 4G towers, their potential to provide unlimited bandwidth at very low cost. Flying WiMax towers would make Vodacom's investment in fixed base stations redundant.

Create FemtoCells with CitizensFlashOfdm , Flash on 450mhz installed inside homes. The Femto cells connect with hotspots, which connects to the next one via FreeSpaceOptics. Clusters of hotspots link up with multiple 150kg UAVs flying at 3km to provide UnlimitedBandwidth.Icasa won't be able to raid say 100 homes at a time to confiscate CitizensFlashOfdm because our constitution forbids this, as was explained by manager Herman at Icasa Bloemfontein. IcaSa can be likened to a pet poodle and the US FCC a Great Dane,such is the difference in their powers. Icasa can't prosecute, only the NPA can this, in contrast the FCC can fine and prosecute. Vodacom would have to get a separate court order for each home on separate days. When Icasa arrives destroy the device or switch it off and put back another one when they leave, where exactly inside a home would Icasa have to start looking for such a device, it isn't feasible to obtain hundreds of successive court orders. Icasa can easily raid high-site towers but not simply break down the doors of residents, South-Africa is probably the only country where we can get away with a scheme like this due to our constitutional protections.

In the Ukraine the traffic police was disbanded after they caused more harm taking bribes then regulating traffic. People still obeyed the traffic rules without them after-wards. By obeying the rules of spectrum and combining FSO with wireless we could also have the benefits of bandwidth, without having a Vodacom corrupted IcaSa regulator taking bribes and preventing proper mathematical implementation of Reed-Solomon, Viterbi, FFT algorithms for a digital network. There are over 8000 HackPatents on Reed-Solomon preventing proper digital devices in the USA, South-Africa doesn't recognize software patents as held by Qualcom and others. Math you can't use is shows how US wireless OEM are prevented from using the proper Reed-Solomon error correction codes.

Vodacom will never allow a digital radio network to replace the crippled UHF analogue radio systems because the aircraft would then be able to become flying 4G towers. Analogue radio is like using 18th century steam engines for transport, it is redundant technology forced on us by Vodacom via Icasa. There is no technical or engineering reasons for their continued usage,it takes up vast amounts of spectrum helping the NaspersProblem and Vodacom perpetuate the myth of spectrum scarcity. In the days of the titanic spectrum was scarce with analogue devices, not so with digital.

Russia isolated themselves Edit

The FAA's overzealous protection of US airspace has resulted in uncontroleable immigration from Mexico because they have severely restricted the usage of UnmannedAerialVehicles. This is a direct threat to global energy and food security because the immigrants tend to vote for the Democrats who are bribed by the Arabs and Russians to prevent oil and gas exploration.

Russia have isolated themselves , allowing Europe and the USA to obtain a dominant edge in technology, thus their economy is dependent on oil and gas prices remaining high. Their propaganda arm RT news regularly laments the rise of the because the Tea Party realized , like Ben Bernanke said (....The Fed can't create oil....) that our real problem is lack of energy and being extorted by Oil producing countries. It is crucial for Russia that the US oil/gas fields don't get developed , hence their attempt to get delusional fools to vote for the Democrats, whom they bribe to prevent energy independence.

Without natural gas no nitrogen fertilizers can be made and no food can be produced without Nitrogen. CNN's Ted Turner wants 95% of mankind to starve to death by having people vote for the Democrats. The Democrats prevented Bush from Alaskan oil exploration ten years ago, we would now have had a million additional barrels of oil. Oil does pollute, but Africa denuding the forests because they can't buy oil also wrecks the environment. Had we not discovered oil, given our population growth not a single tree would have been left standing anywhere in the world - PeakWood. Politicians can't create jobs but they can allow energy exploration, something the deceived voting for the Democrats don't understand - PoliticalAgendas: Jobs and the budget deficit isn't the issue, energy is. Ted talks HansRosling_2010S_480.mp4 explained that increasing prosperity decreases population growth.

You a citizen of the USA voting for the Democrats are directly responsible for Oil hitting $145 inducing a near depression. The resultant economic fall-out in Africa of the Great Recession leads to starving people looking for food cutting down the African forests. These forest are crucial for global weather and rain patterns, they protect what little topsoil we have left and the clouds regulates the temperature of the planet. The irony is that by fighting imaginary global warming, destroying energy production, the environment gets directly harmed in the form of illiterate Africans explosive population growth, caught in a pre-industrial serfdom existence , an .

With the previous Depression, we had 3bil people and plenty of food. We can't handle another type of catastrophic collapse in global growth. The solution that CNN's Ted Turner wants won't work because by starving Africans to death , they paradoxically have an exponential increase in their population as they can't become literate. It is increased development and energy production, resulting in African education(can study instead of scratching for food in the dirt) that population growth will decline.

The Telco's and mass media controls the way people think about problems and how they perceive the solutions to it. Their embrace of copyright and patents(HackPatents) are a danger to the existence of mankind, passing themselves off as caring about the environment they prevent the engineering solutions to protect the environment - BatteryTech. They created an imaginary crises -GlobalWarming which together with Imaginary Property prevents the developing world from exporting goods to the EU and USA, raises the cost of living and introduces stealth taxes with carbon credits because their demographics can't support the expanding social net. The USA is attempting to introduce stealth trade tariffs against countries with banana currencies under the guise of "saving the earth" as we draw closer to reducing the legislated tariffs. The HackPatents on StirlingEngines , Solar Energy and BatteryTech are preventing green energy.

The Vodacom problem Edit

The conspiracy by the Vodacom,Icasa and NaspersProblem are denying BlackPeople the means of integrating into the economy and preventing OpenSpectrum. MTN and Vodacom are just legal firms with antennas on their roof, engaging in . Their business model depends on creating artificial scarcity of spectrum which leads directly to a crime problem. They use OFDM, Viterbi and Reed-Solomon mathematical IP cores from SeaSolve on FpGa perched on top of a big pole to transmit information. The chips wear out but mathematics will never wear out. We are paying over and over for the an FpGa cycling an FFT algorithm - . A gold mine in contrast can't force to be paid over and over for the same lump of gold.

Using 4G on 500Mhz allows MannedSystems for UnmannedAerialVehicles as a back-up. The UAV pilot flies the craft directly over WiMax in those 5% of cases when the uav autopilot don't work. Problem comes in with Vodacom who won't allow flying WiMax towers because these UAV systems can also provide Internet services.

The public can also obtain the algorithms and IP coresh as for 802.16e to establish a digital network on any frequency from 300Mhz - 18Ghz, which combined with FreeSpaceOptics will provide UnlimitedBandwidth.

Cell-C is forbidden from using 1800mhz for WiMax via Vodacom's stooge IcaSa. The NaspersProblem opposed the initiative by government and they will oppose CitizensFlashOfdm , Flash on 450mhz for community ImageProcessing and UnmannedAerialVehicles based crime prevention. Telkom, Vodacom and the NaspersProblem together with their shareholders in the ANC nearly sold the Eskom, Transnet fiber to Neotel, Alec Irwin and Trevor Manual stepped in preventing such a calamity. is a front for , they don't want unlicensed spectrum but more licensed spectrum for them. See

150 years ago there was a major concern about what to do with all the horse poo in the streets. The problem was solved with the internal combustion engine. Had the diesel engine not arrived we would need millions cleaners to keep the streets clean. Vodacom is preventing open spectrum. The naspers, cnn, msnbc, bbc mind control mechanisms tell us we need more SAPS to solve the crime problem because they can't allow open spectrum to bring broadcasting costs down to zero. The crime problem , like the horse defecation problem have been solved at the engineering level with CCTV, AI facial recognition and pattern recognition software. We don't need more SAPS but unlimited bandwidth. We are faced with a chicken and egg problem: What came first the bandwidth or the CCTV, AI bank robber pattern recognition network. South-African's wonders in amazement as to why one would want to build a fiber/wimax/FSO, combination network if he is so happy he can watch Youtube at 300kbits for R500/month.

The public don't grasp that there is enough spectrum/fso/wimax network combination means available to turn every person into his own CCN broadcasting network, millions of people could tune in to your live video broadcast. Thousands of people could become paid and unpaid CCTV operatives watching streets for events, like is happening with webcams in the USA over the Internet. Germans,Dutch or anybody anywhere in the world with an Internet connection are watching the US border ( for free donating whatever time they have.

The CCTV stream was also only available to a few operators, but today with unlimited bandwidth thousand of people could monitor the same stream. Previously the problem with CCTV were the few human operators who missed to many incidents. But software and mathematical pattern matching algorithms have solved this. You could "donate" for example 10mins of you life each day to watch a CBD trouble spot while sitting on your farm stoep in Tzaneen over the network. The US Army is overwhelmed by to much UAV video footage that to few operators have to sift through. Provide each troop in Afghanistan with WiMax connectivity enabling each soldier to spend more time evaluating UAV video instead of running around like a gun toting ninja in a reactive manner.

Decree that manned aircraft must stay above 500m and UAV systems below 300m. The clear blue sky is a resource that is now being used as the personal fiefdom of pilots, it belongs to all of us, an interim compromise arrangement must be brokered so that communities can prevent crime, theft, drug running and violence until such a time as collision avoidance systems are in place.

Thousands of township residents could walk around with embedded FpGa Mpeg-4 compression streams doing real-time fuzzy logic stabilized control to a central cloud-computing cluster inside of Alexandra. With unlimited bandwidth central cloud super computing hubs can be established running a combination of commercial and open source AI bank robber recognition software. Using technology allows us to de-racialize the crime issue, it becomes purely an access to UnlimitedBandwidth concern.

The government could fire half the SAPS and use the money to install CCTV, but CCTV is useless without a smart AI pattern recognition session running on a cloud-computer 10km away form the node. Our problem isn't really crime, like our problem wasn't really horses defecating in the streets, but Naspers and Vodacom preventing the ANC from making the network available to everybody for free. We need marching in support of the government giving everybody free unhindered access to the fiber network. But since Vodacom and Naspers exert such effective mind control over an ignorant population, it is doubtful whether such protest action can organized. and other VANS license holders were together with Telkom, MTN etc all in on the attempt to forever shackle the Eskom fiber network. Even the DA was in on the scam with their pseudo concerns about "competition". What the NPA needs to do is to allow an unofficial suspension of the constitution by ignoring Vodacom's criminal charges they will press through IcaSa against our FrontingCompany implementing WiMax on unallocated spectrum. The NPA must be convinced that there is no such thing as spectrum scarcity it is a Naspers/Vodacom/CNN propagated myth refuted as per UnlimitedBandwidth and HackPatents. Lets presume both Zuma and the NPA supports such a scheme unofficially. Officially the ANC has to uphold the telco regulations as forced on them by Vodacom, unofficially they desire that BlackPeople also be educated , get jobs and integrate into the economy, by providing them with free UnlimitedBandwidth. Pretoria council for example have stated that you need official permission to cut roads for a data network, but unofficially they want people to cut roads for a data network, just give the road back to them in a better condition.(In South-Africa things are done officially and "unofficially", things work different here than in Switzerland for example - HorizontalDirectionaldrilling).

ISPs were recently given the right to cut roads using their VANS license, we the public will do the same using the DapperMuisLicense. Note that in the SA legal, constitutional environment a ruling by an Icasa official doesn't become law. Only the court can establish a legal precedent, there is no criminal court ruling forbidding the public from building a network without an ECN license and neither will there ever be a ruling on the matter - LegalPerspective. Don't confuse the Verizon controlled FCC with Icasa.

We want free UnlimitedBandwidth anywhere on earth which allows anybody to become a CNN like broadcasting station. had to suspend their online broadcasts because of the costs of streaming content. They have exposed how Bill Clinton was bribed with $15mil by the Arabs to stop US oil exploration - PoliticalAgendas. Intel's WiMax effort is an attempt at establishing only the IP protocol and eliminating the complex protocol stack of GPRS and LTE, which was designed to prevent easy integration of data helping Nokia exclude Intel from the mobile domain. Communications and computing are merging, Intel and Google wants only the IP protocol to be used something the Vodacom, Nokia and CNN entrenched interests are trying to prevent. The PHY layer of LTE handles multipath dispersion better than the WiMax PHY layer, Qualcom via its HackPatents is preventing the merging of WiMax and LTE. Much of ThermalImagingCameras technology are patented by Fleur a US company. With US ITAR rules much of this Fleur technology can't be exported and using HackPatents other countries can't make thermal cameras.

South-Africa's legal system being a joke means we are probably the only country where one can merge the best of LTE ,Wibro, Flash Ofdm and Wimax physical layers. Combining OFDM technology on all frequencies(300Mhz to 5.8Ghz) with FreeSpaceOptics will resolve the last-mile problem and make fiber nearly redundant. Note that *** didn't make 900Mhz for the exclusive use of Vodacom, it belongs to all of us. Of course their networks must not be disrupted, the reasonable man principle applies. We can ethically use any spectrum made by Jesus Christ 6000 years ago, the FCC, IcaSa are ruses to prevent free speech. From a Christian perspective setting up WiMax on 600Mhz is a ***ly thing to do. WiMax below 700Mhz don't have the multipath dispersion problem of 900Mhz due to structures absorbing the radio waves. Highly complex and costly mathematical modeling have to be done of electromagnetic wave propagation of 900Mhz and above in an urban environment.

With [UnlimitedBandwidth]] communities will setup their own CctvCameras networks, behavior analysis are done on the streamed CCTV footage using ImageProcessing software stored at a central location. South-Africa can negotiate a nation wide license from these ImageProcessing companies such as IBM. The flash video from which shows how automated analysis reduces CCTV operators.

The government should use it's vast purchasing power to implement ImageProcessing and automated threat recognition(UavInTheNews). South-Korea are implementing a national FacialRecognition system that will identify every single pedestrian in real-time. But this is only possible because they have UnlimitedBandwidth created by SouthKoreaMandatesDucting.

Vodacom , SecurityCompanyScams and the NaspersProblem don't want South Africa to understand this because they will be made redundant with the crime problem. Vodacom and the NaspersProblem have convinced the public that the crime problem is 100% the fault of the ANC but they are the very companies preventing UnlimitedBandwidth. The municipalities are prevented from building their own networks by Vodacom, thus can't deploy cameras to prevent power cable theft. Video images from multiple wireless cameras in a street with LOS to the closest FreeSpaceOptics node connects to a FacialRecognition server. Each FSO node is bridged from building to buikding with fiber because fiber and FSO allows unlimited repeater nodes. This allows real-time tracking of each pedestrian, making the JHB CBD potentially one of the safest places to be.

Naspers with their continual doom laden reporting about the crime problem is like imagine we keep on being told about the horse sickness problem:Technology solved the problems with the internal combustion engine. Today the Reed-Solomon, FFT technology on FpGa using thousands of UAV's aren't allowed to happen by the Telco/Media alliance. They invoke hopelessness and despair in South-Africans making them think the crime problem will never be solved. It has already been solved at the technology level using RateGyro2 opensource and embedded Flash OFDM IP cores on FpGa with ThermalImagingCameras. It is just a matter of getting the information out and trying to convince people with funds to help setup integration centers and hack Flash OFDM designs , releasing the IP cores on the Internet etc.

Johan Rupert and others with direct or indirect stakes in Vodacom would not be willing to do this though. The telecoms regulatory environment globally and locally represents a huge threat to mankind, preventing the free flow of information which led directly to the Great Recession, because the people who knew what was going to happen couldn't get their message out in time. Dough Stein want's to give the ANC R1bil for a helicopters , swat teams etc. A better idea is to reverse engineer the thermal cameras , buy WiMax IP cores and release the design details on the Internet as in learn a person to fish instead of giving him a fish. Allow the technology to solve the crime problem. Vodacom and Telkom are listed on the JSE and have Sanlam and Old Mutual as their shareholders. Their tentacles extend through the whole economy. It would be trivial for Rupert, Naspers, Sanlam and Dough Stein to pay the Russian mathematicians at MIT to provide detailed documented software and mathematical theory behind the operation of 1Gig 4km laser OpticPatents and release the designs on the Internet so that anybody could build it using fronting companies. These FSO nodes combined with Flash OFDM on any frequency from 300Mhz-8Ghz would result in UnlimitedBandwidth stopping the crime but also harming their financial interests in Telkom and Vodacom who's share prices would take a hit.

If you are rich person wondering how like Bill Gates and Buffet you could save the world then please spend a few million reverse engineering and documenting the OpticPatents, which is legal since the patent is supposed to protect the IP.

South-Africans would then be able to make these 1Gig 4km crime busting devices using fronting companies gaming our banana legal system. Pakistan floods are the result of de-forestation by the Pakistan Timber Mafia. MannedSystems would have prevented it. describes how a quite (can't hear above 20m) QuadroCopter helped arrest drug dealers in central America.

Moral panics over copyright Edit

Sanlam and Old Mutual will of course never pay a few million rands to document the design of FSO in detail. Insurance companies have direct and indirect stakes in AT&T, Vodacom and Verizon a Dow, FTSE component. The US government could make Verizon worthless overnight by buying out the Aerovironment patent and giving permission to deploy WiMax airships. The telco section of our economy have structured their business model around sending people to jail for using Viterbi compression algorithms over a resource made by *** Almighty. Vodacom, CNN and the NapersProblem have induced Moral Panics concerning copyright and HackPatents in people and Christians in particular - to protect their business model. (this blog was removed for some reason, it seems Google forced their employee to remove it, don't know? - See Moral panics and copyright wars for Wayback machine archive)

Google proposed a FTTH network. Rather they should roll out a FTTC (fiber to the curb) network, to a few designated houses. This house connects 20 short range high speed RCled (400Meg) FreeSpaceOptics to adjacent homes(400m - 1km), which in turn share the bandwidth with a combination of MeshNetworking and FreeSpaceOptics. Twenty MeshNetworking nodes on one roof won't work due to cross-channel interference. The US ISP's don't wish to do this because they then loose control over the network, they insist on hardwiring every customer increasing the costs considerably, forbidding them from shareing their Internet with Wi-Fi. Once the initial FTTC is established, additional FTTC can be connected to increase capacity to any size. Note that in South-Africa due to our constitution we can't be forbidden by Icasa from doing anything we want with any data using legal equipment. Icasa might make all sorts of rulings but they don't carry the force of a court ruling, don't confuse the US legal system with the South-African legal system. Most SA ISPs and commercial vendors comply or don't comply with Icasa musings as it suits them.

Myth of spectrum scarcity and Imaginary property rights Edit

UnlimitedBandwidth deals with why spectrum is unlimited. Technology has evolved since the Titanic went down. The laws and policies in existence today address limitations of the technology of the early 1900's. Interference — which we've treated as as law of nature — is an artifact of the way radio were designed 100 years ago. If interference isn't an issue, then the reasons we started to license spectrum become irrelevant. In fact, the core premise that has undergirded our spectrum policy has dissolved: There is no scarcity of spectrum. It does not need to be doled out. On the contrary, there is an abundance of spectrum. Our current policies prevent us from benefiting from this abundance.

HackPatents: The belief in Imaginary property is destroying our economy, environment and social well-being, specifically preventing South-Africans from solving the Eskom problem via Sasecurity#Energy_security. HackPatents deals with patents and why we must infringe on them, Justice Bradley(1882) and Thomas Jefferson wrote that ideas shouldn't be patented. Richard Stallman said that pirates attack ships, nobody attacked the Naspers head office with a baseball bat when copying a DSTV video stream, it is a lie to call copying ideas piracy because the person from whom the idea was copied still has his idea. You can't own an idea. Violating someone's copyright is no more "theft" than violating their right-of-way is. Not all rights are property rights. Richard Stallman at and says that software should have no owners, really any idea in any form should have no owners. The distinction between "hardware" and "software" if flawed both are just ideas. Stallman is aware of this but doesn't make a fuss about hardware to much for PR reasons.

The describes how 25 new runways would eliminate most air travel delays in America. Why can’t we build them? 50 patent owners are blocking a major drug maker from creating a cancer cure. Why won’t they get out of the way? 90% of our broadcast spectrum sits idle while American cell phone service lags far behind Japan’s and Korea’s. Why are we wasting our airwaves?

The NaspersProblem is deceiving people into not hacking the patents for StirlingEngines, hydrogen production, BatteryTech, electric air compressed cars, and Sasecurity#Energy_security. Their real agenda is to prevent the hacking of their content, they don't want people to understand that there is nothing wrong with hacking anybodies idea, copyright, video stream, concept or imaginary property. A super sport video feed and StirlingEngine patent is like the number 7: neither here nor there, it exists only as an abstract concept. There is nothing in the Bible about not using another person's idea, it like the number 4 belongs to all of us, it isn't physical property.

The concept of copyright only emerged the last 300years, how could something become sin only 300 years ago, where did the Lord Jesus say we can't copy books 2000 years ago? In the last days they "..... will call good evil and evil good....", the legal profession have turned a Godly virtuous activity - copying ideas to help people - into a crime. With guile and deceit they used the Bible against Christians , twisting the plain meaning that only taking physical property is theft. There is no single religion or belief system that made copying ideas immoral 2000 years ago, how could this suddenly now be an ethical issue. proposes decentralized energy generation using CHP , but don't mention how Imaginary Property makes this impossible in countries with strong IP laws. South-Africa's legal system can't crack down fronting companies who will commercialize these designs because you can't go to jail for civil issues, hacking a patent is a civil issue, trademarks are a criminal issue. The developing third world like South-Africa, Liberia and others with their banana currencies can't import the patent protected goods due to lack of dollars and aren't allowed to produce these patented products, which leads directly to environmental destruction because of forest denuding for fire wood. "..... billionaire Ross Perot made budget-balancing the centerpiece of his 1992 third-party presidential bid has so much public concern been voiced over the gulf between what the government spends and what it takes in....". This is how the media is getting public to be concerned about the wrong thing. With StirlingEngines and hydrogen production via the sun the USA won't need to import oil solving the budget deficit problem. Their deficit number of $12trillion is relative, relative to the interest rates they have to pay on it. If the USA were to spend $1trillion to buy out every single patent on StirlingEngines, opensourcing it, resulting in them not having to import oil, their interest payments would drop to 0.1% like in Japan. Which means their deficit could go to $300trillion. The present NAV(net asset value) of the US economy is $350trillion.

Because of the mass mind control by CNBC, CNN and the NaspersProblem voters don't even understand the problem: Energy scarcity and the reason we can't have open commercial StirlingEngine production in counties with strong IP laws. (Note that South-Africa being a semi-banana republic coupled with not being able to go to jail for civil debt means we can ignore patents). We have a false dichotomy between Democrats and Republicans in a sense, both groups from either side would want to have free cheap, green non polluting energy, but the CNN mind control machine won't allows the average American to understand this , because by logic if ignoring patents is the moral thing to do then so is ignoring copyright. [NOTE: Ignoring copyright, not violating copyright, the Naspers CEO wasn't "violated" with a baseball bat when a soccer match was re-broadcasted in real-time via MeshNetworking. One might protest and say that they paid R100mil for the rights to broadcast. Well next time they will know better and pay R1million, their problem isn't your problem.]

Our concern should be Imaginary Property rights. The Telco's , mass media and legal profession forms an iron triangle resulting in African destitution and environmental harm. Both the Democrats or Republicans are bribed by them to not suspend Imaginary Property rights. It is hypocritical for CNN to tell us about environmental destruction in Africa if they in turn help enforce IP laws in Africa making it impossible for them to generate energy with patented ideas. The and put copyright and patent law as the focus of their party.

The Sasecurity#Energy_security, electricity , transportation, crime and bandwidth crises have been solved at the engineering level, but the designs are locked up in thousands of patents. PeakWood was solved by technology: the crime, energy , transportation and PeakOil will be solved with technology, but not if one believes in imaginary property.

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  • Common sense security tips. In SA never comply with somebody holding a gun trying to kidnap you, run away since you will wind up dead in anycase. At least being shot through the heart from behind will be a quick death as opposed to being tortured to death. It is highly unlikely that a kidnapper will actually execute you from behind, both perps and victims are watching to many TV programs.