Wifi and DSLAM combination Edit Take a section of 10 roads running from east to west 1km in length. Each east/west section has 40 houses. From the north/south direction the ten roads are 1,3km in length for a total of 400 houses. Install the CentralOffice on road nr.5 at the center which will house any number of DsLam. Each of road (1,2,3,4,6...10) at the center connects via a VDSL2 modem to the CentralOffice. MicroDuct inside HPDE runs across the center roads orthogonally in the north south direction.

Cabling reduces spectrum pollution Edit

The more houses are connected with FreeSpaceOptics the less MeshNetworking , WiMax and DsLam nodes are required.

Interlink the networks Edit

Fiber , WiMax, MeshNetworking and FreeSpaceOptics are used to connect the network blocks.

Wi-Fi at each house Edit

Each center house installs two 90degree panel antennas to the east and west. A max of 20 houses connects via Wi-Fi to the center home in each respective street. Thus 20 Wi-Fi hotspots are created down the 1.3km distance.

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