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Combine wireless with DSLAM Edit


Wireless hotspot creation with eight homes Edit

  • Share one DsLam port via a VDSL2+ modem between eight homes (a,b,c,d,e,f,g and h).
  • These eight homes clusters around a node shareing a 100megs from the VDSL2+ modem.
  • Node1 house(a) has two
  • The b,c,d,e,f,g,h via LinksysWrt54g and patch antennas.
  • House(a) North-side and South-side gets a LinksysWrt54g each.
  • The North-side and South-sidewrt54g AP connects via a switch and router to the VDSL2+ modem.
  • VDSL2+ modem hands out a DHCP lease.
  • Pirate LinksysWrt54g are imported at bulk for $10 each from order a 100 units.
  • We produce our own patch antennas using CNC machines at R60 each.
  • Pigtails, BNC connectors are imported for virtually nothing from China.
  • Setting up an eight home Wi-fi hotspot around house(a), Node1 will cost R200 each or R1600.
  • a,b,c,d or the blue block bridges the street via wireless to e,f,g and h(green block) where node1 is located.
  • Node 2 - 10 are done in the same manner as node 1, creating a hotspot every 100m for a total of ten.

Fixed wires and DSLAM Edit

  • The magenta circles indicates the nodes seperated by 100m each.
  • Each node has a VDSL2+ modem connected via TwistedPair to the CO or red cylinder in the middle of the street.
  • The 500m stretch of nodes1-5 on the left connects to the CO and the nodes6-10 connects via TwistedPair
  • 1km of ten twistedpair is R5/m or R5000
  • The length of the street is 1km with each yard 50m in lenght for a total of 80 homes in the green and blue blocks.
  • The next CO is in the pink block of homes.

This setup means only every second block Block-A(green) and the pink block needs to create ten nodes of TwistedPair. The cheapest way of creating nodes is PolyPipeOnPerimeters need not be permanent and can be gradually replaced with underground ducting or telephonepoles. The CentralOffice scales to any size and connects via microduct and fiber. Every 100m or evey node a ZoneMinder box can be placed which interfaces via cat-5 to the switch at the node.

Total costs Edit

[b]For about R600 each of 80 homes gets a 12meg, stable, localloop link.[/b]

Making money out of this Edit

Let a businessman lay out the R42000 capital for 80 homes. Allow him a 100% profit and let every house sign a debit order for R120. After one year the debit order expires and the businessman has recouped his capital and made a profit. The Wi-fi gear and cableing installation will be completed by the businessman within a month. With the 80 homes now shareing a 1000meg local loop bandwidth everybody suspends their Telkom accounts and uses their "line rental" money for the debit order. International bandwidth is a seperate expense but will be significantly cheaper due to the combined purchasing power of 80 homes. If only will get this voip thing going it will allow the entire South Africa to suspend their Telkom accounts. Telkoms inflated costs represents a huge oppertunity for entrepeneurs out there to engage communities and convince them to rather channel their eternal "line rental" expense for only one year into their own telephone exchange.

Over a four year period the "line rental" scam amounts to over R4400 with accumulated interest compared to the extra R600 obligation for a year. I say R600 because you must deduct the line rental you would have paid from the debit order of say R130 to give you R50 that is your effective additional monthly obligation. The scope of the ANC/Telkom enrichment fraud becomes worse as one researches just what communications equipment you can actually buy with the "line rental" money alone.

Motivate your community telephone network to your neighbour by telling him that if he only pays R50 a month more than his present line rental for a year he will get all the benefits of 80 homes working together and save R3000 in "line rentals" money over a three year period or R15000 over a 10 year period.

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