Narrative vectoring Edit rtnews interview. CIA agent Chomsky's inconsistency is a side effect of directing the narrative as the left's leading intellectual. The psyops the CIA is attempting is to mobilize the whites to vote Republican by pivoting them as the largest victimhood class. White males are the largest ethnic group in the seventeen security branches. Working and middle class males were well off economically and cringed as they voted for identity baiting Democrats, imagining it will give them employment protection. But now that robotics is making even slave labor redundant, the CIA has finally seized their moment by consent engineering through the victimhood narrative the election of Trump. It is in fact Mao Zedong who ruined it more for the entire planet than Bill Clinton. We can handle 400million Chinese, but not 1.4billion desperate people who have to dump cheap goods on everybody. or Rethinking Camelot (Boston: South End Press, 1993) is Noam Chomsky's worst book. I don't think it merits a detailed review, but we should be clear about the stand that "America's leading intellectual dissident," as he is often called, has taken on the assassination. It is not significantly different from that of the Warren Commission or the majority of Establishment journalists and government apologists, and diametrically opposed to the view "widely held in the grassroots movements and among left intellectuals" (p. 37) and in fact to the view of the majority of the population. by By Michael Morrissey

archive chomsky hitchens "...It is impossible to imagine Chomsky doing something similar. Partly this is because he lacks the skills needed to convincingly and amusingly turn a ``paterfamilias badgered into buying a useless piano, into a sign of a destructive and irrational economic order (``On Sales Resistance). Partly it is because Chomsky's scope is far narrower than Russell's: linguistics and politics and very, very little else. (I mean of course the scope of their writings.) When Chomsky writes about politics, he writes only about politics, usually the (real enough) horrors attending US foreign policy, and quickly drowns one in a mass of factual details and ponderous denunciations. When Russell writes about politics, he writes about architecture, the Chinese mandarinate and the effects of the airplane on the imagination, and aptly illustrates the devastation of modern war with a poem by Leopardi. Russell's work is like a scientific instrument from the Enlightenment, whose craftsmanship and decoration make it beautiful, if not quite a work of art; Chomsky's, a clanking, thudding mass of valves and wires and metal boxes painted grey, nursed through the night in the basement of the physics building by an attentive graduate student. ...." ,

Chomsky Eric Herring Piers Robinson from the magazine America’s Dumbest Intellectual

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