Meshnetworking allows Aerosat to be the next Vodacom Edit

Cellphone exchanges are built initially via MeshNetworking getting DHCP leases from ADSL modems connected to the DsLam built via a TelephoneNetworkRollout. Once critical mass is reached and enough houses(100+) have joined the fixed wired telephone network the community purchases the PRO version of MeshNetworking.

Meshnetworking and the RICA Act(see LegalPerspective combined with a TelephoneNetworkRollout represents a severe threat to Telkoms cashcow Vodacom. If the government makes it impossible for people to have a cell connection then VOIP over MeshNetworking on the 2.4ghz spectrum will fill the void. If the subscribers to that Telkom's is getting so worked up over would allow Aerosat to plant telephone poles using their Vans license besides Telkom's pole in their backyard....... Aerosat can blanket an entire in a cellphone like MeshNetworking cloud if they run a fixed line telephone pole connection down the middle of P.E. Then instead of using 900mhz cellphones people will use VoIp SIP phones over 2.4ghz to make calls, using MeshNetworking placed on the telephone poles every 500m.

From ....There is accordingly no licensing requirement in respect of the ISM Band and Aerosat therefore has no frequency license for the ISM band. Neither, for that matter, does Telkom, Sentech or any other body/organization in South Africa.

Notice how Aerosat is framing the whole thing in terms of license free frequency. What they should have said is a license free MEDIUM such a copper, fiber and the ISM bands. In the same way that nobody has a "license" for fiber optic cables, nobody has a license for the ISM frequencies. Aerosat and Iburst must stop framing this debate in terms of wireless. If Aerosat had planted telephone poles all over P.E it would be exactly the same thing:A license free medium. They claim that their Vans license allows them to use a license free MEDIUM? ....Aerosat’s legal representative said that this flyer was not authorized by Icasa and states very clearly that the allegations about Aerosat are incorrect....They do have a license to operate ... he said. They have a license using what medium to operate? A license free spectrum or a license free fiber optic cable. What is (021) 465 9175 and will explain.

Aerosat subscribers and Aerosat will have to be prosecuted, Iburst is making a fuss over the "criminality". What the simpletons at Iburst seemingly don't understand is that if the actually prosecutes Aerosat and establishes a precedent they will have to prosecute every single subscriber to as well. Both the person who buys drugs and the drug dealer are committing a criminal offence. answer the question: What is the difference between your subscribers sending data back to your tower using a DsLaminstead of Wi-Fi?

From: .... A telephone number for ICASA in Johannesburg is supplied along with a thumbnail of Aerosat's web site. A call to the Johannesburg number elicited no response so MyPE contacted the local ICASA Regional Manager, Lincoln Goliath who stated; Aerosat is a licensed provider and the pamphlet is a hoax intended to discredit Aerosat

This is strange. Because when I spoke to the Bloemfontein manager of Icasa by the name of "Hendrik" he was emphatic that Vansies can't self-provide. He was concerned about the fact that Vansies are in essence claiming the right to plant telephone poles since it is also license free. It seems Icasa's lefthand doesn't know what it's right hand is doing.

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