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Audio engineering standards committee Edit Yes

The scope of the IEC Technical Report IEC 61000-5-2 "Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) - Part 5: Installation and mitigation guidelines - Section 2: Earthing and cabling" (Ed.1, 1997-11) makes clear that, "It applies primarily to new installations, but where economically feasible, it may be applied to extensions or modifications to existing facilities".

IEC 61000-5-2, 6.4.2, points out, "Shields of cables are bonded to the earthing network at one or two extremities depending on the signals being transmitted and on possible electromagnetic interference sources."

The purpose of AES48 4.5 is to deprecate the current practice by some manufacturers of making no connection to pin 1 at all inside equipment. The AES Standards working group views this practice as seriously misguided.

As IEC 61000-5-2, 7.4, also recommends, "In shielded bifilar or multi-lead cables, the shield should be regarded as a PEC (Parallel Earthing Conductor)." not not

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