Burglar bars square tubing assembly Edit

Place 2cm square tubed on the inside of the house around the window frame. Insert a Y12 concrete iron rod inside a square tube. Weld the square tube to the outer perimeter tube. Any attempt at cutting through the square tube results in the loose inner iron rod spinning on its axis preventing any further penetration through the square tube.

Car jack Edit

Criminals use a car jack between the window frame and first iron rod to jack the rod out of the frame.

Broad Square tubing on inside Edit

Fit broad 10cm square tubing on inside of the wall next to the window frame and secure by drilling through the wall with a handy bar. The broad square tube is 10cm in width and 5cm in height. On the outside the handy bar is secured against a base plate and welded to the wall. Weld Y12 concrete rods to the broad square tubing on the inside of the home.

This whole square tubing, Y12 rod assembly is monitored by a vibration sensor ConfiguringAlarmSystem , strain gauge or resistance measuring circuit.

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