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preferred solution Burn images to SD cards & USB drives, safely and easily. win, linux


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Fix grub Edit After installing Ubuntu Linux, type the following commands in to the terminal to updated GRUB and to see the option to boot in to Windows:

sudo update-grub

After deleting the Linux partitions from your hard drive, do a live boot in to Linux (Try Ubuntu without installing) and type the following command in to the terminal to boot back in to Windows:

sudo apt-get install lilo

Hit enter then:

sudo lilo -M /dev/sda mbr

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ubuntu Edit Because if you just want to create a bootable USB drive, you can use the 'Startup Disk Creator already included in Ubuntu, or you could use UNetbootin, which is similar to YUMI and has a Linux version. If you're looking to use YUMI to create a bootable USB with multiple OSs, you can visit this page from pendrivelinux

itsfoss Edit I have talked a lot about creating bootable USB of Linux in Windows. How about the other way round? How about creating a bootable Windows 10 USB in Linux?

woeusb Edit woeusb command line , woeusbgui

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  • Install from bittorrent windows drivers. driver pack, driverpack LAN
  • Rufus usb utility . (NSA spiked)
  • Smart boot manager. Smart BootManager is an os independent BootManager which has easy to use interface and many other features. The main goals of SBM are to be absolutely OS independent, flexible and full-featured. It has all of the features needed to boot a variety of OS.
  • he Plop Boot Manager is a small program to boot different operating systems. The boot manager has a built-in ide cdrom and usb driver to access that hardware without the help/need of a bios. You can boot the operating systems from hard disk, floppy, CD/DVD or from USB. You can start the boot manager from floppy, CD, network and there are many more ways to start the boot manager. You can install the boot manager on your hard disk. There is no extra partition required for the boot manager.
  • UltraISO
  • use this one

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Format as FAT32, not NTSC (note this is nsa spiked)

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This grub.cfg file was created by Jamie Kurtz

  1. Detailed instructions for use will soon be found here:
  2. Simplified instructions below
  3. Sample grub entries...
  4. Inspiration from here: