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youtube Edit DIY 1.5kW Wind turbine [Part 1] - Magnet rotors by Randomhacks 1.7mil views The resin used is epoxy, which can be cost effectively obtained for R30,000 per 200litre drum. See Lathe. It would probably be cheaper to build a DIY commercial metal caged alternator as epoxy at R150/kg imported is expensive. Bought in 5liter volumes around R500 and it becomes unfeasible. A planetary gearbox on windturbine output shaft allows for a much smaller alternator, saving on expensive neodium magnets. modding a car alternator. prevent corrosion with varnish. clear marine or green varnish, ask for alternator formula. induction motor diy very large stator design 1m diameter romania diy. The back emf is large, thus it might not need a planetary gearbox on output shaft of windturbine.

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