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  • QUESTION: Why do most victims have an alarm yet get no early warning of attack?
  • ANSWER: Because it's such a hassle to arm and bypass zones where the victims were cooking, entertaining, relaxing, or sleeping - besides, false alarms seemed such a drama...

What is trying to say is that the user interface of alarm panels as sold by is a disaster. My solution is to use RS485 - ["RS485"] networks and configure the zones using a PC and embedded device connected to the serial port. Thus alarm systems and CompHomeAutomation are converging.

All parameters are stored in a textfile and can have zones configured using a GUI PC interface if so desired. With a PC anything can be done. Audio warnings with a human voice indicating that any sensor has been triggered would be trivial implement. See EmbeddedPc

See comphomeautomation Edit

See CompHomeAutomation to interface misterhome Perl scripts with an alarm panel.

Anti-Jamming steps Edit

The only real effective way of intercepting a jamming attempt is to have a 24hour Internet connection iether DsLam, MeshNetworking or GpsAndGprs to a distant premise that can't be jammed without physically being at both spots at the same time. Any jamming attempt of a GPRS signal would merely trigger a MeshNetworking alert. See GpsAndGprs roundsolutions modem that can detect a GSM spectrum jamming attempt.

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