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Hydroclimaponics Edit creates micro climate around plant, instead of keeping entire greenhouse at set temperature, using less energy.

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Aerobic Biological Reactors(ABR's) are a key component in the water recycling process of an Aquaponics production system.They provide for the biological conversion of ammonia. This results in an ideal growing medium for Lemna minor which becomes fish food. Lemna is one of natures smallest flowering plants and contains 35-40% crude protein with a high concentrations of essential amino acids, folic acid, minerals and beta carotene pigments that provide a balanced and nutritional diet.

ILA member, Freddie Hebert is CEO of Louisiana Biofuel. He is currently funding a duckweed production to ethanol plant. The system uses a novel approach to handling distiller’s grains. Dry ingredients, (rice chaff, corn meal, soybean meal, molasses, minerals and calcium) will be added to the wet ethanol co-product to dilute the moisture content. The dry matter is then run through a pellet extruder and is machine packed in 50 pound bags for transport and sale. This process eliminates the need for a dryer and the same process produces a complete animal feed, not a supplement. Visit to learn more. - 4.5kg urea(nitrogen) produces 1000kg of green feed.

Build iglo domes - geodesic domes see bookmarks Housing to encapsulate duckweed ponds

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sprinklers all have equal pressure, problem though could be root rot. series of videos, six rails , posts set 5 apart. in rails 4inch net cups. DIY aeroponic - hack design

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steel cage for support. , solid plastic base , plastic pipes on top. Follow Wranglerstar on Facebook for exclusive videos, pictures, & updates. Have you been putting off building a greenhouse. This set of videos will show you step by step how to build a 12' X 10 ' greenhouse. A greenhouse can extend your growing season and is a must have item for all homesteaders. This design is a simple DIY project that anyone should be able to tackle. You can build your own greenhouse like this for under $1000 5 parts

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South Essex manufacturing glass and plastic greenhouses.

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  • LEDs:72pcs Red;48pcs Blue
  • Red:620--760nm ; Blue:430--490nm [1] 1meter long led light covers 7square meters at a 2meter hight .

Kratky method Edit Floating hydroponic

larry athey Edit zipgrow tower clone. uses newspaper for seeds. see for not using netpots but old newspapers. uses small foam block. pond filter media is used as root support inside tower, gutter guard brand from home depot. GTOWER IS better solution. by larry athey... or at least so he claims , he did not specify why the vertical cut slot isn't effective. aquaponics vs hydroponics, no fish, waste removal testing etc. green bottles tower

links Edit Ebb&Flo (or Flood & Drain) gardens have been the mainstay of the hydroponics industry for many years due to their low cost, ease of maintenance and effectiveness. Until now, advances in methods of maximizing the productivity of ebb & flow gardens has been limited to "solving" on of their largest inherent flaws, evaporative loss & excessive growing media requirements. Evaporative losses are caused by the large surface area of these tables that are exposed to open air and intense lighting during the daylight cycle. Until now, evaporative losses have contributed to nutrient concentration drifts and pH fluctuations. To reduce this problem, many manufacturers have created covers for their tables which help prevent evaporative loss and also block out light which stops algae growth from negatively impacting root growth. Tray covers also help to create a microclimate with higher humidity in the root zone which also assists overall root health. The other challenge with straight ebb & flo tables is that the plants require a large amount of growing media, be it rockwool cubes, slabs or more recently, coir and soilless mixes in containers. In many instances, this media needs to be replaced after each production run which adds to the cost and complexity of operation. fogger aeroponics , FOGPONICS ,, strawberry towers NFT, raft , fishes in pond aquaponics. What about dutch bucket? 400 thou view. To make cutlings sprout add small amount vitamin b1 to water. black soldierfly , feed their larve to fish or chickens. ebook available. azolla converts nitrogen directly out of air p.53 aeroponics thesis masters. 1600 strawberries in 20feet pvc pipes two fish tanks, gravity fed better idea, valve allows flow down each pvc pipe lava rock for growth medium in nft strawberries Growstones vs clay pebbles paint walls with new invention potato haresting with tractor out of soil

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