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By advertising to the criminals that every house is connected via a Dslam and proving that the residents are streaming their perimeters to a central base, the criminals would avoid such a block of houses. And if privacy is an issue then simply pull the plug on the cameras. Or activate them around the house perimeter at night. There are many of ways of enabling CctvCameras security and guarding your privacy. Nobody is forcing anybody, it is entirely your choice. For example you might have the camera watching the driveay only activate automatically during the morning hours as you leave for work. House50 with a logo: CHUBB SECURITY VIDEO SURVEILANCE ROOM fitted with 20monitors and an armed guard will get the message accross. Even the houses that don't have a single camera around their perimeter will benefit since the insurgents won't know which house is camera free. If only these residents will allow those few extra strands of copper ....sigh.... You achieve very little by placing four cameras around your perimeter with the criminals knowing that nobody is watching those cameras. They know that with Telkom's available bandwidth you can't possibly stream those footage on a continual basis to a security control room. Establishing a fixed wired copper connection between houses is the only way crime will be stopped. This concept must be marketed and patiently explained to people that are not technically inclined. It is so easy to solve the residential crime problem - especially in streets that have low volume traffic. All it takes is just a little bit of lateral thinking, CctvCameras and a few DsLam exchanges.

You will really have to think of innovative ways to convince people to allow that extra pole in their garden. Explain to your neighbour that he should allow that extra pole so that when he is away on holiday he can rent four cameras and a Zoneminder box from a security firm. With the copper wires suspended from the community TelephoneNetworkRollout over his property it is just a matter of clipping in the ZoneMinder box to the nearest DsLam. Every single motion will logged on a database at the control room 100 houses hence manned by CHUBB security. You can sign a contract with CHUBB that they are responsible for any breakins if the MySql database proves via WaterMarked timestamped images that somebody did jump over the wall at 2am and the guards failed to respond. Community TelephonePoles allows residents and insurance companies to hold security firms more accountable for break-ins then without an exchange.

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