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CorexyprinterGrabcad CAD file, easily copied and preferred frame to mod for Heated chamber.

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Filament extrustion

Plans Edit , Note the z axis design, an all metal frame for prusa i3 .

  • [[Plastic#Injection_molding_DIY]

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Slic3r , ,, , from printer speed by thomas sanladerer

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extruders, hotends and heated chamber Edit The B'Struder is an entirely new Bowden extruder design. It fits all common stepper motors, and all popular pinch gears. Variants are available for several common tube connections. YOU PICK THE EXTRUDER HARDWARE! All you need is a few M3 screws/nuts, a suitable ~3/8" or ~10mm spring, and three 623 bearings.Unlike most extruder designs, the B'Struder filament path runs entirely through the spring idler arm. This accomplishes two unique things:1) Makes the filament path alignment very tolerant of different pinch gear diameters 2) Makes tension on the Bowden tube (due to filament pushing force) mildly assist pinch gear grip This requires very specific geometry for the hinge, idler bearing, output fitting, and pinch gear contact point. This is a new design, and feedback is welcome. But it's working great in my Delta so far. I'm running very aggressive retraction settings without any issues. Let me know how it works for you!

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STL Edit merge to stl files for one print . ,

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Filament winder

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